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Could a place-based approach save our high streets?

In the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, it’s easy to pin the blame for our declining high streets on the pandemic but of course they had been in trouble for a long time before the corona...

Regulation about vaccines

We’ve had to move swiftly in many senses during covid-19. I’ve been especially interest about the caution taken in Europe about blod clots and vaccines, which have now ...

As the world opens, how can we focus on the environment?

An interesting opinion piece about the importance of COP26 this year: How do we work togethe...

Grappling with existential risks

Climate change, artificial intelligence and further pandemics are genuine ‘catastrophic impact threats’ facing humanity in the decades ahead. But how do we rise to thre...

Cop26 will not succeed if the world’s richest countries don’t show leadership

The world’s richest countries have broken their 2009 promise to provide $100bn a year to help developing countries cut emissions and cope with the impacts of climate breakdown. C...

Do we have something to learn from further education?

Community-led devolution is surely synonymous with place-based governance. This New Local research offers thoughtful analysis of the challenges facing the UK’s further education ...

Fly? Drive? Save the envionment.

A thought provoking piece in The Guardian today – will the shift in world behaviours following the covid-19 mean people are more willing to travel further to events and forge...

10 November 2020

How could digital save the highstreet?

Today brings with it the announcement of another potential loss to the high street, Debenhams. While many factors are to blame, most recently covid-19, the uprising of digital shop...

10 March 2021

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