National Commission on 

The future of governance in the public sector

Call for evidence

We are seeking evidence which engages with the following three questions: 

  1. What does effective, modern governance need to look like in the public sector in such a rapidly changing world?

  2. How can good governance help deliver the best possible outcomes for citizens in future?

  3. What will ensure governance in the public sector is seen as credible, legitimate and trusted?

How to respond


Please submit your answers choosing one of the options below by Tuesday the 1st of September 2020. If your submission is over 1,500 words please include a summary of your key points at the beginning of the submission. 

We will not attribute quotes or comments to individuals without prior consent.  Your details will be stored confidentially but may be used to contact you should we have any further questions and can be deleted upon your request.

We are strongly committed to protecting personal data and will ensure your information is treated as confidential.  We may use the personal data provided to us for any of the purposes described in our privacy statement.  If you would like to know more about our GDPR and privacy policy please visit our website:

Who we want to hear from 


We are seeking evidence from all interested parties, including public bodies and individuals in the public sector, trades unions, academics, think tanks, policy-makers and citizens. 

We define the public sector as broadly as possible and are looking for the broadest possible range of perspectives.  Please feel free to spread the word to others. 


What we are looking for 


You can choose to engage with all three questions or just one and respond across the whole public sector or restrict your response to just part of it or just one region or area. 


You might also want to use the Framework of Enquiry eight themes and prompt questions in the Phase 1 Report as a stimulus or reference point to understand what we are particularly interested in. 


Responses can take the form of longer pieces or shorter bullet point summaries.  They might direct us to existing evidence or research or share new insights. 


Evidence could include case studies or examples drawn from the UK or internationally. 


National Commission on 

The future of governance in

the public sector

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