National Commission on 

The future of governance in the public sector


It is clear that good  governance makes good sense.

The name of the game for an organisation in the 21st Century will be to conform while it performs

Professor Mervyn King

Welcome to the National Commission

on the future of governance in the public sector


The National Commission was set up to explore the contribution governance could and should make to the future of the public sector in the UK to 2030.    

The Commission's aim is to develop clear and pragmatic proposals which will influence policy and action.  We also want to stimulate new thinking, promote productive discussion outside normal boundaries and identify practical actions which will strengthen the impact of good governance now and in future.  We believe this focus on policy, dialogue and application will achieve the impact we seek.    


We intend to explore options and scenarios for good governance and to arrive at clear recommendations for publication in late 2020.  The first report, published in November 2019, sets out the findings at the end of Phase 1 and a framework for enquiry for Phase 2 of the Commission in 2020.

















The Commission was established in May 2019 as a result of the reflections on the state of good governance as part of the tenth anniversary of the Good Governance Institute.  It was driven by a concern.  The world is clearly changing rapidly in ways that are already having a huge impact on all aspects of the public sector, creating new opportunities, challenges, dilemmas and choices.

The Commission reflects the belief that a strong public sector is a defining part of the UK and that this needs to be defended at this time and that the value of consistent, modern governance must be recognised and put in place.

However, there is no space where these important issues are being systematically engaged with across the whole public sector.  As such, longer-term thinking and learning based on wide engagement is absent at exactly the time it is needed.

The time is right for a harder, more objective look at the future through the lens of governance – one that is both forward-looking and well-grounded.

Planned outputs

Two reports will be produced:

  • November 2020 – The final report and recommendations

Case studies, scenarios, tools and discussion summaries will be made available in open source, as a continuing output from the Commission.

The main objectives of the Commission are:

To open up an inclusive and extensive dialogue about the future of governance in the public sector at a critically important time in its history  


To make recommendations which help ensure the UK has best possible public sector governance outcomes in the UK by 2030  


To raise levels of understanding about value, meaning and impact of good governance

Role of the Good Governance Institute

The Good Governance Institute is an ethical management consultancy and a not-for-profit organisation.  Its mission is to ensure that organisations are run by the most talented, skilled and ethical leaders possible and that they work to build fair systems that consider all, use evidence, are guided by ethics and, thereby, make the best decisions.

National Commission on 

The future of governance in

the public sector

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